Summary Of ' Eliduc ' By Marie De France

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Eliduc is a knight who is involved in a love triangle in Marie de France’s, “Eliduc”. In the beginning, we find out about his wife, Guildeluec. At first, Marie de France makes us think that Eliduc is this super important knight who serves the king of Brittany. It is clear that he is loved and respected by him because he gives him a lot of benefits because he is his knight. Then, there are other knights who accuse Eliduc and get him banished. Before he leaves though, he promises his wife, Guildeluec that he will be faithful to her and their marriage. It comforts her that her husband will be faithful to her while he is gone.
Eliduc travels to the Land of Tontes, where he wins over the king’s trust and become one of the main knights. This is where we find that Marie de France will bring in a lover for Eliduc. The name of the king is Guilliadun. She hears about Eliduc and immediately wants to get to know him. When they meet, she falls head over heels for him. Eliduc never forgets that he has a wife waiting for him back home who he promised he would be faithful to. When Guilliadun begins to show that she has feelings for Eliduc, he avoids the commitment by saying that he is only staying in the Land of Tontes for a year. Guilliadun, still thinking she has a chance with him, offers to wait that whole year for an answer. Honestly, I think this is where Eliduc goes wrong because he should’ve just told Guilliadun that he was married and then she would’ve not fallen so hard

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