Summary Of Gaby Rodriguez's The Pregnant Project

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Gaby Rodriguez’s purpose in The Pregnant Project is to inspire readers to think positively and to know their own inner strength despite how others may judge or act.
In the book, Gaby Rodriguez uses pathos to get the reader's attention. In the book Rodriguez stated, “ We don’t win this battle by finger pointing and gossiping. We win by education, talking and lifting each other up. We win it by being decent to one another.” (Rodriguez 127). Rodriguez showed emotion to link back to show readers their own inner strength. The quote states that life is not about how others are, but if you respect others and make appropriate comments that will make people happy and lift them up. The strategy used is emotion. Emotions come in by the emotions Rodriguez faced during her fake pregnancy. During her time of being “pregnant”, Rodriguez faced a lot of bullying, but she always stayed strong, and knew her own inner strength. Another emotion was also used in “The Pregnancy Project”. According to Rodriguez, “No one had ever presented their boards speech in front of the whole school before, but the teacher thought it could impact someone's life” (Rodriguez 148). Rodriguez showed the readers that a presentation or an experiment that a person makes, can help someone feel like they are important, and for them to feel their own inner strength. The strategy she used is pathos. Pathos is shown by having stories of your own and telling someone about their process and how it impacted their lives, and

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