Summary Of Half The Sky

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Reading chapter 1 of Half The Sky, human trafficking is not something you can simply read about it, but must live the experience to truly feel its impact. As an American who has live his whole life protect by its wealth and strong resources, to define the term trafficking is not merely just a female or even man to provide sexual services to clients. In country such as India, it can be view as rite of passage where one does not have a choice to reject offers from brothels that wishes to lessen women body, and vice versa there voice. It is not just a form of slavery that rivals plantation owners from the south who view those of darker completion as there inferiors. It is something that has their own terrors of horror where you’re not just force…show more content…
Those who sadly become part of globalization or capitalism for women are beaten and force into organization that seen them as pawns in game that will drugged them to alter their perception of reality. They would even force pregnant mothers into having births and then taking their children away as collateral damage in order to make them obey their rules or laws. Policemen will even turn a blind eye because they have mutual ties with the brothels owners and it is not that they do not believe the victim or female story but it is far more common in countries where women are more sexually conservative. Prior examples are Iran, Pakistan, and India. Human trafficking is a disease that cannot be describe in one article or video but throughout history, it is a term that challenges the foundations of compassion and…show more content…
She did not have a choice in the matter as many young girls from a poor background with no formal education have no free-willed. The Nutt a low-castle tribe took her from home on the boarder of Nepal. They raised her for years and beat her until she gave into her circumstances. Meena however was not like other females she fought back usually and was not ready to live her whole life as a slave that was look down upon. Nutt kidnapped her children’s to make her obey their orders until one day she fled her environment. She eventually came for her children’s, but every time the police community turn their back on her due to her be viewed as outsider who pose no threat. Her children were lead to believe that she was not there mother, human trafficking main purpose is to secluded the victim and mold them into the client puppet. For long time Meena was like her children brainwashed and with no moral support. She eventually came across an organization that had same the core beliefs as her, name Apne Aap Women Worldwide organization. It was the first of its kind to open an office in Forbesgunge, led by journalist Ruchira Gupta who grew partly in Forbesgunge. Many organizations were reluctant to open an office rural Bihar, however this journalist wanted to face human trafficking directly as it not something that can simply be fought with words.
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