Summary Of Harco's Accident In New York City

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This loss falls within our 2012 contract year, our cover is 35% of $3,500,000 xs $1,500,000. Harco issued a Commercial Auto policy with limits of $5,000,000 effective 09/25/12 – 09/25/13. This claim involves a pedestrian accident in New York City during a rain storm. The insured’s bus was making a left turn with the green light in it’s favor and was 75% through the intersection when impact occurred with the pedestrian on the passenger side of the bus. Harco has secured a video of the accident, however, defense counsel notes it is of poor quality of the points of impact between the bus and the pedestrian. Of concern, the video does show the insured operator dropping his head to look down at his lap just seconds prior to the impact. Defense
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