Summary Of ' I Don 't Know ' Mama

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On a sunny morning in mid-September, little had Alex known about what was coming. As he trudged along the brick steps leading to his cottage on the outskirts of a village in Guatemala, he noticed a brown parcel lying just outside the teak front door. Alex picked it up and ran his hands over what seemed like a stack of papers inside. Just then, the front door opened and his mother stepped out. “Breakfast is ready, son, oh what is this?” she asked as her eyes glinted with curiosity on the parcel. “I don’t know, mama. It was lying right here,” he pointed to their doorstep as he entered the small house which smelled like omelet and black tea whistling on the stove. His mother, a woman in her forties with thin wrinkled brows and hair with …show more content…

This is the best day of my life,” he exclaimed as his excitement could not be compared with any other element of mere happiness in the entire universe. His mother reached for the envelopes and read the letters upon which her eyes filled with tears. She felt as if she was the happiest woman on Earth and yet she was grieved beyond doubt. Her son had been accepted in one of the top universities of England. What could be better than that? Her very own son had achieved what millions could not on the basis of his hard work and merits. She put her hand on Alex’s shoulder and said in a trembling voice, “Son, I cannot afford the tuition fee of this college. We do not have enough money to cater to our needs. How do you expect me to pay thousands of Pounds?” It was true, thought Alex. His thoughts began taking him to dungeons of darkness as dreams of becoming an Engineer faded away. He was just a plain, village boy from Guatemala with a few unusual dreams and ambitions. There were many others like him who were forcefully stopped from achieving top quality education. He sat down and began talking to himself. “So what if I have been accepted? I will just keep these letters of acceptance safe somewhere and smile upon them every time I would read them. My career, well, I would just find a local job in the nearby city, mama. Don’t worry; I will not go to England.” His mother turned away as she could not possibly meet her son’s gaze. She knew that life had its unfair ways and not

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