Summary Of King Arthur's Fear

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Percival’s own fear mingled with his brethren’s, but as knight, he had been trained to accept the fear, dismiss it, and carry on. It was the only way to survive battle. Even so, as he slashed, blocked, and delivered furious blows with his shield, he wondered if this was where it would all end. On this blood-soaked beach in Abertawe, would Camelot fall to Odin? Rulers rose and fell every day. What if King Arthur’s time was over? It was too soon for that. There was so much left to do, much to fight for. As Percival’s thoughts wandered from battle, a blow from a war hammer missed his face by a hair, propelling him back into action. However, he’s made an awful mistake; he had left himself wide open and was now surrounded by half a dozen men. …show more content…

They looked on in wide-eyed shock and did not have time to bring up their shields. With a clean sweep of his blade, Percival removed their heads one after another. From a few paces away, Gwaine flung his sword, which pierced the chainmail of the third enemy right through the chest. Gwaine retrieved the bloodied sword right away and stood beside Percival. “Look around,” said Gwaine. “Odin’s men have the upper hand. We need to –” A deep rumbling started beneath their feet. The ground shook so violently Percival had to brace his feet in a wide stance to ensure he did not fall over. The sky turned a purple-black as the ground heaved. Although Percival had heard tales of earthquakes, he had never experienced one, and this was more unsettling that described, the sensation that at any moment, one could be sucked into a chasm in the earth. And it seemed so odd that this quake would happen in the middle of a battle, just when King Arthur’s men needed it the most. The short hairs on the back of Percival’s neck stood up. He spun around to look at the woods, and there stood Merlin, partially obscured by a tree, but his hands glowed an unnatural blue and his eyes blazed the color of gold coins. Merlin’s lips moved, but Percival was not close enough to hear the

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