Summary Of Kitchen By Yoshimoto

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Yoshimoto utilizes communion and meal scenes to display characters' feelings toward each other by using weather and details in the setting to give the characters’ relationships and emotions more depth. Throughout the novella Kitchen, by Yoshimoto, examples of Yoshimoto employing this tactic are woven into almost every meal. For instance, during the scene where Mikage makes breakfast for Eriko and Yuichi when they first started living together, another example is when Mikage travels through the cold and rain to bring katsudon noodles to Yuichi and lastly this tactic can be seen when Mikage and Yuichi are eating an oversized feast together after Eriko had died. Yoshimoto uses meal scenes like these as a great way to express characters' …show more content…

Not only does Yoshimoto use parallels through communion to describe feelings, but she also utilizes the atmosphere of the setting to give the meal a specific tone. In the paragraph after Mikage offers to make breakfast, Yoshimoto describes “The entire apartment was filled with light, like a sunroom. I looked out at the sweet, endless blue sky; it was glorious”(Yoshimoto 17). Yoshimoto goes on to describe how bright and joyful the kitchen is and how the sun fills the room, thus creating a happy and joyous mood. Yoshimoto depicting the sun filled room shows how she uses the weather and setting to paint how the characters feels at the moment. By creating such a vivid and lively setting, Yoshimoto is able to capture the reader's attention by making them feel as if they are actually there, sharing the experience with the character. Secondly, Yoshimoto depicts a scene where Mikage trudges through rain and cold to deliver katsudon noodles to Yuichi. Yoshimoto writes “The cold beginning to penetrate through my wet pants when the light popped on in the room and Yuichi appeared”(98). Yoshimoto uses the rainy, cold weather to her advantage. She makes Mikage trek through the rain and find salvation with Yuichi to show how Mikage finds comfort with Yuichi. Mikage is so comfortable with Yuichi and enjoys spending time with Yuichi so much so that Mikage feels as if

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