Summary Of ' Last Friday Kirk '

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Last Tuesday Kirk was hanging out around Andy’s Bar. Every day was miserable for the loathsome Beggar and today started out just as miserable as the rest. While he was sitting against the door to Andy’s Bar, Kirk held a sign, begging for money and food. Kirk watched each person walk by him. Many ignored him while others looked at him with disgust. After a few hours, Kirk accumulated no more than two dollars and a half-eaten biscuit. Kirk was disappointed--two dollars wasn’t even enough to get a glass of his favorite ale! Amid this failure, Kirk noticed a man with a fine jacket standing in front of him. The man looked about 30 years of age, didn’t speak a word, and dropped something into the Beggar 's hat. The man walked away and just as …show more content…

“Where did you steal that money from, Kirk?” “I didn’t steal it--just get me something to drink.” A customer of the bar chimed in: “He didn’t steal the money. He must have been prostituting again.” Another patron said, “Who would want that disgusting thing?” “Maybe his mother!” The bar bursted into laughter. Kirk didn’t care; it was common for him to be the joke of the bar. “Shut-up, everybody”, said Andy. “What do you want Kirk?” Kirk handed Andy the wad of hundred dollar bills and asked for every bottle of Bud Light in the bar.

After a few hours of drinking, the Beggar was drunk. Kirk sat in the corner of the bar, seemingly in his own world, accompanied only by his beer. As the hours passed, one brave soul approached Kirk. “Excuse me sir”, said the old man. “Would you mind giving me one of your beers over there--I seem to have forgotten my wallet at my house.” “Huh?”, replied the Beggar. “What do you want?” “I am kindly asking for you to share one of your beers with me.” “Sure”, replied the Beggar. “I’ll share one of my beers with you.” The Beggar reached across the table and grabbed at one of the beers. He opened it. “Here you go!” Just as the old man was reaching for the beer from Kirk’s hands, Kirk poured the beer all over the poor man. “How dare you!”, said the old man. The Beggar laughed aloud and proceeded to punch the old man right out of his seat. The old man was stunned. “It’s on”, he said. The Beggar went after the old man, punches flying. The

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