Summary Of ' Last Friday Kirk '

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Last Tuesday Kirk was hanging out around Andy’s Bar. Every day was miserable for the loathsome Beggar and today started out just as miserable as the rest. While he was sitting against the door to Andy’s Bar, Kirk held a sign, begging for money and food. Kirk watched each person walk by him. Many ignored him while others looked at him with disgust. After a few hours, Kirk accumulated no more than two dollars and a half-eaten biscuit. Kirk was disappointed--two dollars wasn’t even enough to get a glass of his favorite ale! Amid this failure, Kirk noticed a man with a fine jacket standing in front of him. The man looked about 30 years of age, didn’t speak a word, and dropped something into the Beggar 's hat. The man walked away and just as quickly as he appeared, the man was gone. Kirk peared into his hat to see what the man had given him. To Kirk’s amazement, there was a crisp wad of five one-hundred dollar bills sitting in his hat. Kirk was filled with a jubilation that he had not felt in years and ran into Andy’s bar with his treasure.

The bar was filled with patrons, most of them regulars. Andy, head bartender and owner of the bar, looked at the Beggar with hatred. “Look what garbage found its way into my bar yet again”, said Andy. The Beggar took his seat at the bar with a new-found sense of arrogance. “What do you want?” Kirk took out the wad of hundred dollar bills. “Where in the hell did you get that money?” Everybody was looking at the Beggar. “None of your…
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