Summary Of ' Let The Celebrating Begin '

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Let the celebrating begin. This book is about a wonderful girl who briefly shared her life with us and was always ready to take chances. A girl who valued friendships, relationships, and thought both should be fun and lasting. While she was attending school at Lipscomb University she fell in love. Not the love she expected, the man that would win her love, but instead her heart was in missions. She may not have fully realized that yet but her friends observed it. Here are two of the last posts she made to Facebook. Her mind was completely focused on missions. This first post is her looking back on the mission to Australia. She went there twice while she was in school at Lipscomb. The second post is her look forward to her upcoming …show more content…

So we had a series of conversations after I became her adviser for her senior year. I said to her that she had to promise me that she will go into public relations, because you’re a superstar, you’ve got to do this. Anastasia said, “Well you know Miss Ellis, I have a good job at Loveless and I make a lot of money and I don’t know if I can get a job right out of college making this kind of money.” I had more talks with her because I had to ensure that she knew just how good she really was. Who was Anastasia and why did she make everybody smile? The Journey Begins We all know that life is a journey. The author C.S. Lewis tells us something about this; “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” and this is how Anastasia must have viewed this journey. Going on the World Race was the next big adventure before she chained herself to work and adulthood after successfully completing college. It was the next big challenge. She briefly flirted with a couple of other ideas, joining the military or becoming a flight attendant. However, her biggest adventure was yet to come. Finding out what plans God had for her life became the priority. What led her to put all of her trust and faith in Him? The Blind Date In the chilly morning of November 16, 1990, there I was wearing a fringed leather jacket with spiky studs covering the shoulders and back stood outside Baptist Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee. I had a thick long blonde mane for hair, was wearing

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