Summary Of Lord Of The Flies By Joseph Dyess

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My name is Joseph Dyess and I am a huge fan of your book Lord of the Flies. It is one of my favorite books and is very thought-provoking. In writing you, I wanted to discuss my favorite parts of the book, as well as some ideas and real-life connections I made while reading it.

One of my favorite parts in Lord of the Flies was the ending when the naval officer criticized the boys for exhibiting savage behavior before turning and looking at his own warship. This was one of my favorite parts because while reading it, I thought of the irony of the naval officer’s criticism. The “civilized” naval officer was also part of a savage world which didn’t make him that different from the “savage” boys on the island. My other favorite part was when the frenzied boys mistook Simon for the beast and killed him. This was also one of my favorite parts because of what Simon’s death symbolized. I thought about how Simon’s death symbolized the loss of civilization on the island and was the catalyst which allowed Jack to take control over the island and let chaos and savagery reign.
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The majority of the boys on the island succumb to the instinct of savagery, while a few such as, Ralph, Piggy, and Simon fight the instinct of savagery and try to establish civilization on the island. Lord of the Flies seems to imply that the instinct of savagery is fundamental and when left on their own, humans will naturally revert to it. I can relate to this struggle in my own daily life. For example, when I am having and argument with someone, I am torn between using savage violence or civilized words to end the
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