Summary Of Machiavelli's Princess Diaries

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As uncultured as it may sound putting it in writing, many girls of the 21st century's first introduction to Niccoló Machiavelli came while watching Princess Diaries 2. To recap, Nicolas' power-hungry uncle pleads for his help plotting against the political competition. The desperate uncle even makes an example of the ruthless Machiavelli, claiming Nicolas should follow his lead as to never say he is sorry. Nicolas, however, was willing to relinquish his standing after realizing he was in love with the Queen to be. And, of course, he does and they live happily ever after. By habit, the audience is propelled into overwhelming hatred for this controversial figure, as they would act towards any object that stood in the way of true love. Nonetheless, such people may be surprised when they find the pages of The Prince hold something that movies, like Princess Diaries, are lacking: realism. Ironically, an ongoing argument of Machiavelli in his treatise focuses on the need to avoid contempt and hatred. Of course, being the tricky man that he is, Machiavelli demonstrates how leaders in his time, or in the modern day world, can circumvent conflicts or situations that may amount to hatred in The Prince. Such an effect may be achieved by presenting themselves in a certain light with hopes of being better remembered throughout the course of history. Although Machiavelli sets aside a whole chapter for this argument, forewarning against hatred seems to infringe on a number of other

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