Summary Of Modern Technology In The Movie 'I Robot'

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I Robot, directed by Alex Proyas, is a film that shows how modern technology will advance within the years; making people question their everyday lifestyle. In I Robot, the main character Detective Del Spooner, had us follow his journey on questioning societal expectations. This all began from the creation that Dr. Alfred Lanning, who created the robots as well as V.I.K.I. The main NS5 robot in the movie is named Sonny, who questioned his purpose of life as a robot. This Film was designed to have us question, understand the rules and order in situations and evolve with society. In this film, we can recognize that Det Del Spooner isn't too keen on having robots around to help with their tasks. He believes that by having the NS5 robots do our tasks makes us as humans less dependable on ourselves. We don’t evolve and become stagnated in our own society waiting for the robots to do the chore. Det Del Spooner witnesses how everyone around him fully rely on their robots for their tasks. One scene where Det Del Spooner observes a robot running with a purse. Of course, he assumed that the robot just stole the bag. Afterwards, it is uncovered that this robot was not stealing but running to give his owner her purse. Consequently, the robot was just doing his job and helping his owner. This displays how Det Del Spooner is very cautious and doesn’t believe that the robots will maintain the laws set up for them when created. The laws were set up to protect the humans, to obey the

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