Summary Of 'Night Words' High Pornography And Human Privacy

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Summary of the Text In his article “Night Words: High Pornography and Human Privacy”, author George Steiner (1998) claims that people are being emotionally numbed, and stripped of their humanity due to the publicization of personal information, and increasing acceptance of sexualisation in modern America. He suggests that sexual relations are a facet through which personal development occurs. And as people are exposed to more provocative imagery, whether through advertising or other digital means, they omit discovering for themselves this vital aspect of human identity. Rather, they have it discovered for them through pornography, or erotica. Also referenced in the article is George Orwell, who knew of the dangers of “standardization of sexual life,” and it how it goes hand in hand with totalitarian rule; as a result, people’s freedom to express themselves is stifled by the fact that their innermost wants and desires are expressed for them. Response In his article, Steiner makes very bold claims about the state of society and the effects digitization, and sexaulisation have on it. While he does make some valid observations, many of the arguments he makes are often unsubstantiated and rooted in personal bias. Steiner believes that society’s increasing acceptance of sexuality is something “profoundly ugly,” while in actuality, it is something that should be celebrated. Steiner does not claim that sex is something immoral and wrong but rather, it is the act of being

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