Summary Of No Education No Life

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The educational system of the United States is plagued by many issues. There have been numerous methods and attempts to speak and solve these issues. In, No Education No Life: How the Algebra Project is Educating for Insurgency by Paul Lauter, you see an explanation of how to resolve these issues through such actions as protest. Lauter uses this article to inspire not only adults but students as well to fight for an improved educational system. He also works to point out every flaw in our current educational system and how it affects the children. Throughout the article, you see the use of facts and examples to support each claim. Lauter points out issues of race and lacking of creativity. His attitude in the article is passionate, serious, and persuasive. The article was published on AlterNet, a new magazine and online community. The aim of this publication is to focus on original journalism and inspire advocacy of issues such as the environment, social justice, human rights and civil liberties, media, health care problems, among other topics. AlterNet receives more than 13 million page views and 5.9 million visitors monthly. Paul Lauter is currently a professor of literature at Trinity College. This speaks of the credibility of the writer as well as the purpose of the article. The site must have a strong fan…show more content…
Pathos is used to connect with the reader emotionally. This audience that Lauter targets appears to be minority youth as well as the well-educated. This assumption is made based on his constant speaking of students as the key to changing the current educational system. Also, the language used by Lauter suggests his targeting of an educated audience with formal words such as “regime” and “ceaseless”. He states this in the first paragraph of the article saying, “Others, the multimillion dollars “reformers’, promote a regime of ceaseless testing, managerial authority, privatization, and “teacher-proof”
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