Summary Of Non Violence By Cesar Chavez

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In the height of the civil rights movement violence was typically the route taken to solve what most would call problems.Though throughout the piece written by civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, there is a clear message that the only way to have a significant amount of change is through the act of nonviolence. With the use of powerful diction, appeal towards the underlying faith of his readers, and a contrasting argument against his belief, it all comes down to the fact that the people will come to definite conclusion that they have no doubt as to what the proper way to handle the situation is. In the beginning of the article Chavez stats that “nonviolence is more powerful than violence.” With the use of the word powerful the people reading it will feel more in control with no violence occurring. Not to mention that this implied that nonviolence is associated with importance. He will then go on to say that “Nonviolence provides the opportunity to stay on the offensive, and that is of crucial importance to win any contest”, which thereby provides hope in the minds on the people due to the “crucial” aspect in this line. Chavez is convinced that the choice of non violence will result in the best outcome in the end. This will lead to him saying that anybody with a “conscience” should act in the way of non violence. By making this statement Chavez is making it noticeable that anybody who reverts to violence is someone with no heart or soul, thereby giving the people no choice

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