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FALL 2015 EDTL 2010: Introduction to Education VROOMAN
Course: 1004
Name: MacKenzie Bartelt
Dewey, J. (1910). My pedagogic creed (Vol. 54, pp. 77-80). Chicago: A. Flanagan Company.
John Dewey has a lot to say about education as a whole. From the curriculum to the school itself, and even the social aspect of the experience. To Dewey, education is not just in the schools. He believes that it starts at birth, and that everything after is a learning experience for the individual. Not only is the individual learning at this point they are also teaching, whether they know it or not, and sharing the intellect that they have learned. He believes that individuals can only …show more content…

The educator must be able to connect with their students and each of their instincts’ to successfully teach the child. Without this insight, the education process would essentially be useless. The child has their own instincts and tendencies, but an individual could not possibly know what these mean until they can translate them into their social equivalents. In order to do this an individual must be able to carry them back into a social past and see them as they learn each of these instincts and how it connects to their life, and they must be able to predict the child’s future outcome. With the ever changing technological advances, it is extremely difficult to foretell what will be necessary in the future for each child. Hence it is impossible to prepare the child for any precise set of conditions. To prepare a child for the future is to give them command of themselves, to train them so that they will ready to use their abilities. He believes that the two sides, psychological and sociological, are organically related and that education cannot be directed towards only one. Both are necessary. Overall on education, He believes that the individual who is to be educated is a social individual and that society is an organic union of individuals. He believe that the school is primarily a social institution, and that the school is simply a form of community life in which all those agencies are concentrated that will be most

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