Summary Of The Clutch Gene

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The article “The Clutch Gene” by Darren Fenster from Coach & A.D. this article is about “arguably the game’s most clutch hitter of all time.” “Ortiz was a .289 hitter with 17 homers, 61 RBI, and 51 runs scored in 85 postseason games.” He consistently was on the top of his game. In 2013, he suffered an Achilles injury while rehabbing he took every rep he could get and used it to make him better than he was before. He trained as if he was hitting against the Hall of Famer from the Yankee’s, Mariano Rivera. Rivera kept hitters to a “miniscule.177” but Ortiz managed to hit a .310 against him. How he could do this was because he trained to be ‘clutch’. To be ‘clutch’ you need three things, to always work with a purpose and a plan, mentally put yourself
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