Summary Of ' The Cold Night '

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In 1869, the cold night, there had two newborn in the beautiful hours. The white women was hold her new son and smile. She wished her son have a good life and he never get hurt. There has warm, wonderful, and hope around the boy. And this lucky boy’s name is Tony. But, in the same time, there a small wood house near the big white house, there have another black women was childbirth, too. The air is cold, the black women was very weak that she was difficult to childbirth. After few minute, the black women had tears in her eyes when she was finally gave the birth to the son. The newborn was cry, but his mother was gone course of weak and excessive bleeding. The poor boy’s name is John. In this special night, there has two newborn, they…show more content…
John, you are my slave forever,” Tony was proudly said. “No, Tony, you are wrong, I am not a slave, after Civil war, I am a freemen. Even though, I am working for you now, but you have to pay me wade, right? So, I just your worker,” John was angry to said. “Freemen? Hahaha, are you free? You still cannot go to school, you still cannot vote, you still cannot leave us without agreement. What kind of free you are talking about, John?” Tony said. Suddenly, Tony pushed John to the rode to the middle and he was go to fight to John. And then, Tony shout to John ,“John, you just remember you are my poultry forever!” In the same time, the horse was coming, and the horse was hit those two boy. People were send them to the hospital. At night, there had storm. A enchanter was appear. And then, he made some magic to John and Tony. After he was done, he was smile and his eyes look like happy. There two soul exchange. “Did you see that? There has some green light from that room.” the nurse asked to the doctor. “I sure did,” the doctor replied quickly. “I have never seen anything like that before,” the nurse firmly said. The doctor responded, “Me either. What do you think we ought to do?” “The first thing we should do is get our butts out
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