Summary Of ' The Flies '

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The Flies
Part One:
Sartre, Jean-Paul.
Part Two: The audience first meets Orestes while he is in town seeking direction to Aegisthus’s house. Orestes attempts to get this information by knocking on a door in town but unfortunately the tenant of the house disregards him and closes the door on Orestes. Orestes continues through town when he expresses to his tutor that he believes that Zeus is following them. When Zeus finally approaches the two men the tutor asks “Pray, whom have I am the honor of addressing?” (Sartre, 51). Zeus replies “Demetrious is my name, and I hail from Athens.” (Sartre, 51). This is the first time that the audience gets any idea of where the name of the play may have come from. It is also the first time that Orestes and his tutor learn why there are suddenly so many flies in town.
As the three men are walking through Argos they hear cries coming from the palace. Zeus explains to them that these cries are a sort of memoir. They people are remembering the death of their king Agamemnon, who was murdered fifteen years ago. Orestes then recalls that Agamemnon had a daughter name Electra, so he asks Zeus what her take on this whole ordeal is. Zeus then explains that Agamemnon also had a son named Orestes. The audience of the play quickly realizes that Orestes is undercover in his journey to reach Aegisthus.
Orestes is able to enter the palace and finds out the reality of what is happening inside. Here he comes into contact with Electra. Electra is known

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