Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Gianni overcomes his fear

It was a hot, dry day in Sparta; it was the day of Gianni and Pepe’s seventh birthday. “Pepe,” said Gianni, “I’m frightened at the thought of beginning training to be in Sparta’s army.”
“Why would you be scared?”
“Because I…”
Just as Gianni was about to answer his brother there was a loud rap on the door. Pepe stood to answer the door, but Gianni grabbed his wrist saying anxiously
“Wait! It might be the Spartan soldiers coming to take us away to start training!”
“So what?” said Pepe as he wrenched his wrist from Gianni’s hands and opened the door out of spite.
“No!!!” Gianni yelled, as his brother was about to open the door, “Don’t open it!!!”

Gianni could not believe it his worst fear was standing in the doorway. The brothers were frozen where they stood. In front of them were two mean looking Spartan soldiers. The soldiers did not wait for them to respond. Before Pepe and Gianni knew it they were being led away like sheep to the slaughter.

They traversed the long, dry, dusty path to a place they knew they would later call home. All the while Gianni was screaming wildly in his head, “No! No! No! This can’t be happening!” Fifteen minutes later they arrived at the towering gates leading to guess what… The Training Camp! “Oh no, we’re here!” Gianni said in a low whisper to Pepe. Then the gates opened
“Whoa!” They both said in unison. They stared at their new “home” mouths gaping. Inside were many roughly built building covered in dust from the…
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