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Robot “Hey! Robot!” a voice called from behind thirteen year old Artemis. The voice was deep and croaky, and that voice belonged to the school bully, Mikey Duchance. A fat, stocky, bulky boy with a pig like face. Artemis had had the nickname since kindergarten, since she was seemingly emotionless. She hated the nickname, as she knew she wasn 't an emotionless tin can that did whatever you told it to do. She was a thirteen year old girl who could hide her emotions very well, and could see the little shades of grey no one else saw. “Hey, C3PO! You got a brain in there?” Mikey teased, knocking in the side of her head with his large fist. Artemis rolled her eyes, and continued eating her lunch, while also working on a story she’d been…show more content…
She had never exploded like that before, and had never wanted to. Artemis realized that her parents would be home soon, and she didn 't feel like staying. She left a note on the table saying that she was spending the night at a friends house, and she 'd be back about noon. Once that was done, she grabbed a bag, and packed it with three water bottles, some food, a sleeping bag, an extra blanket, a small pocket knife, some matches, a book, a pencil and paper, and an extra pair of clothes for morning. Once that was done, she set out. Artemis had always liked the woods, since they were peaceful and she could be alone. It also helped her to think when she was writing, just sitting in a tree, listening to the birds chirping and feeling a soft breeze blow through her thick, black hair. It was perfect. Once she had reached the spot where she usually went, she began to set up her camp. Artemis made a small fire-pit and made a structure above it which her dad taught her to make. It was a small stand made out of sticks that could hold cans of food. For food, she had packed a can of corn, a can of beans, some bread, a jar of peanut butter, and an apple. Once she had positioned the cans on the small stand, she lit the fire with a match. To pass the time, she grabbed out her book and started to read. But for once she couldn 't concentrate on her reading, and could only think about the day 's events. Artemis set the book

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