Summary Of 'The Loss Of The CreatureBy Richard Rodriguez'sComplexion'

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How someone looks, acts, or is seen means a lot in Rodriguez’s society. “Complexion” is an excerpt from the memoir, Hunger of Memories, which Richard Rodriguez has wrote. The essay, The Loss of the Creature was written by Percy Walker who uses many examples to show different outcomes of different situations. Percy’s essay can be related to the chapter “Complexion” from Hunger of Memories by connecting the struggle of a person with examples of Rodriguez's struggle throughout his childhood. Percy discusses the “struggle for the person” in which Rodriguez explores throughout the chapter, “Complexion” in his memoir.
The “struggle for the person” that Percy describes in The Loss of the Creature is displayed by Rodriguez’s manliness which is being nullified from him. Rodriguez’s father does not think that Rodriguez is manly. His father thought that he was not manly because of two things; he did not know what ‘real work’ was and that his hands were soft. Rodriguez had felt like his manliness was being stripped of him because, “At such times I suspected that education was making me effeminate.” (Rodriguez 457) Rodriguez’s mother was proud of all her children for getting an education even if he wasn’t. His father and him may think getting an education is effeminate but it can be manly. School can give you rough hands by spending hours writing with a pencil and getting callus’. Rodriguez can experience hard work through a job that he's earned by working hard in school. Getting an

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