Summary Response Paper: Walker Percy’s “the Loss of the Creature”

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In his article “The Loss of The Creature,” Walker Percy presents the case that human or “creature’s” experiences are most often trivial because of our preconceived notions. Percy believes we can only truly enjoy these experiences if we leave the “beaten track.” Only then can we see the true beauty of the experience.
Percy gives three examples to prove his point. His first example describes a tourist’s plans to go see the Grand Canyon. Oftentimes, tourists have preconceived expectations about the wonder, and feel that they are let down with a dreary sight rather than the miraculous wonder they have fantasized. The second example Percy uses is of a couple who, while wandering through Mexico looking for an “unspoiled” place (a place which
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We all have mental pictures like this. But the pictures we have seen may have been computerized to make them more appealing. The problem arises when we take our mental pictures and believe that the real thing should be like our preconceived notions instead of thinking that our mental pictures are just ideas of the real thing. As a result, we are disappointed with the real thing because it does not look exactly like what we thought it should.
So what can we do to keep this from happening to us? In his second example, Percy gives us a way. He is not saying that we all have to go live in a small Indian village; Percy is saying that we need to try not to be so attached to our preconceived mental picture that we are not willing to believe that the real thing could be different. We need to be more open minded so we can thoroughly enjoy the real thing if we get a chance to see it.
Not only should we be open minded about what we think things should look like, but we should also apply this concept to our whole life. Percy uses his third example to show how we can take the same task and either enjoy it or despise it. If I were an English student and my teacher said we were dissecting a frog, I would probably enjoy it more than a biology student would because the biology student would think of the frog as another specimen to be dissected for a grade while the English student would think of it as a piece of creation yet to be explored.
As we go throughout our lives,

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