Summary Of The Movie The Mission

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While the movie “The Mission” is placed around the year 1750 AD, the Jesuit organization had been working long before that having been founded in 1534 AD by an ex-soldier turned Spanish priest named Ignatius de Loyola. In their beginning, the Jesuits were traveling priests spreading the word, as we see in “The Mission” when Gabriel’s mission went to the Guarani and taught them about Christianity. In some places they were seen as threats to a person's religion and land (since the Europeans usually followed close behind them), and in some places they were seen as teachers and scientists. Regardless of what a land thought of them, the Jesuits went wherever they could to spread Christianity and many of them lost their lives in painful ways. We see early in “The Mission” when the first priest sent up the falls to talk with the Guarani that the life of a Jesuit is full of personal dangers and often ended early. He is killed by the Indians, crucified, and sent back down the falls dead in the river. Immediately we again see the dedication to the order when a Jesuit priest, Gabriel, goes up the falls himself with nothing but the clothes on his back and an instrument with him to confront the Guarani himself. According to, “education was of utmost importance to the Jesuits”. This is shown very clearly when the Jesuits in “The Mission” stay with the Guarani and teach them more and more about Christianity, helping them to build a church to further their religion. It’s also

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