Summary Of ' The Night '

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Chapter One: He was sleeping, anyway with a gun inside his boots next to the bed. Silence, it was everything. In the middle of the night, he heard a breath. It was not his breath. He realized that wasn’t alone, so he tried to stretch his arm to get the boots, but they weren’t there. In that moment he sat on the bed prepared to fight. Lights on. It was someone pointing to his head with a gun, he didn’t know who it was because that person had a mask. - Are you Luck? – The man asked, but the boy didn’t respond. Silence. - Are you? - Why do you care? - So you are – the man pulled the boy from his shirt, and said “you’re such a smart kid, a gum? Boots?” without another word two more men exactly with the same mask, grasp the boy. - What’s …show more content…

- How? The man got closer to Luck and whispered “you will find the thief ” Luck didn’t answer, he didn’t know what to say, the only thing he knew was that it is a thief, and it’s not him. - Listen, you’re going to California, there you you’ll meet Matt, he will help you find the thief. - Just that? – Luck laughed. - I think you are not understanding what I’m saying, it won’t be easy, no one can know who you are, what you are doing, anything. Luck got up and said “I got it ” He opens the door and Mr. Roberts says before he can go out “oh, I almost forgot to tell you, you’re going to the school like a normal teenager” Luck closes the door and walk all the way home. Too warm, Luck was starving and at the same time wet, but not because of water, it was sweat. - I feel like I’m going to die. - Wait, we are almost there- Mr. Roberts said - Where? - You’re apartment. “Apartment” that word was floating in Luck’s head over and over again, he felt like finally after four hours in a car something good was going to happen to him. Finally, home. The apartment was all white, with a white bed, white closet, white kitchen, and white sofa. Luck went to the kitchen but it was all empty. - Don’t worry, I’ll get you some water and maybe 20 dollars for your food – Mr. Roberts said. - That way I’m going to die in a week. - You can eat at school, it’s free. Luck didn’t answer, he just put his backpack on the sofa and sat on the bed. - Go to school tomorrow, I

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