Summary Of ' The Night Where Cathy Died '

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REVELATION One month passed since the night where Cathy died. Robert is currently on probation from drug possession, the judge managed to give him a lighter sentence, due to the grief of losing his wife. It wasn’t an easy discussion to have, as the friendship between him and Kyle have been tainted. I still feel guilty, that maybe if we didn’t split up to explore the school she would still be alive, and they wouldn’t have been trying to inhale the toxic mold to get high. There has been no sign of Ryan either. Not so much as a note or the 32:35 sign that he’s so fond of. For a moment, I feel that the worst is over. Becky has been doing far better in her condition, she’s already walking and working with the physical therapists on her …show more content…

Just what Yokeman needs, MORE DRUGS for crying out loud. I’m not sure where to start on who’s dealing them, so all I can do is write articles. At least it’s work. The other bit of news is that Mr. Shufner has started doing street corner preaching with the bible. I never knew him to be religious, but considering where his life has headed these past few years it’s his only means of comfort. You’ll usually find him in the Safeway plaza with a small crowd handing out fliers. I went to approach him the other day after getting myself some meal milkshakes, and he seemed rather… distant. He used to be pretty friendly towards me before, but now he’s acting like I’ve done something wrong to him. Rather than engage me in conversation, he starts to recite verses to me with the sternest of looks. Maybe I have a bad habit of getting under people’s skin? Maybe he’s still bitter about Robin’s untimely demise that he’s taking it out on me? It seems a bit petty, but he hasn’t been right in the head since the tragedy. As I sit here at my desk typing up this article, regarding Shufner 's small Christian healing seminar I try to figure a way to approach him for the next part of the article. He didn’t seem interested in promoting it out loud, but randomly approaches people off the street and offers them free prayer and healing. He’s also started a Christian get a way program, he takes people out to an old isolated church town

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