Summary Of The Novels

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Numerous characters in the novel use these technologies to further their own goals. Case, the “cowboy”, hacks various systems for monetary gain but, he is, also, addicted to the matrix and the cyberspace. Case agrees to work for Armitage in exchange for repairs of his nervous system, which grants him back the ability to enter the matrix. He doesn’t have any knowledge of what is the objective of their mission. He is motivated, mostly, by the ability to interact once again with the cyberspace and to rise above the condition of a simple “meat” (Miller and Wagner-Martin 57). The interaction with the cyberspace is described as ultimate physical experience and is compared to an orgasm (Roberts 174) Molly states “I saw you stroking that Sendai;…show more content…
However, both are dependent on their cybernetic enhancement and are unable to function properly without them. McCoy Pauley, Dixie Flatline, is the character who is problematic to the traditional notion of a character. He is a computer program (an algorithm) that can mimic dead’s individual personality and habits. He does everything a conscious person does: laughs, answers, possesses a self awareness and the desire to die. However, he can’t attain a sense of self-identity and, therefore, he isn’t real (Roberts 175-177). Armitage, unlike McCoy Pauley, has the body of a real human being. However, as the story progresses characters realize that Armitage is some sort of flesh construct, a ROM personality build around the fragmented identity of a real man named Corto, who was almost killed in a military raid. Eventually, the Corto’s personality emerges through Armitage; he is insane and is killed by Wintermute. In contrast, Armitage had self-preservation habits. Even though, Armitage was just a programmed personality, built by Wintermute, he seemed more real and human than his actual identity, Corto (Roberts 176-177). For some entire clans, like the Tessier-Ashpools, the progress in technology was their demise. Their plan to retain control over their corporation fails as family members become increasingly unstable, most likely due to their unusual existence (cloning and being cryogenically frozen and refrozen in labs): Ashpool kills Tessier, his wife, after she
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