Summary Of ' The Piano Lesson ' Essay

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In August Wilson’s, The Piano Lesson, there are multiple characters that struggle with things that happened in the past. The character Bernice Charles is often shown fighting with her brother over selling the piano that has carvings of their family’s history, which seems to be very valuable to Bernice. Another thing Bernice fights is her family’s history and this is shown through her daughter’s lack of knowledge of her family’s history. She says she does this to keep her daughter safe because those who are connected to the piano seem to have negative effects, and Bernice does not want her daughter Maretha to be involved. In The Piano Lesson, Bernice Charles, struggles through many years of her life where she cannot accept her family’s past, until her brother’s life is in danger. This reveals that history should not be forgotten and can be beneficial in times of need. Bernice’s devotion to the conservation of her family’s history is questionable-while she fights to retain the piano, she fails to share the family history and the significance of the piano to her daughter, Maretha. Bernice also contradicts herself. She says, “Money can’t buy what that piano cost,” (Wilson 1231) yet she does not touch it or tell her daughter the history of it. She claims to value the piano a great deal but has not touched the piano in a long time. Doaker says that she “hasn’t touched that piano the whole time it 's been up here.” (Wilson 1232) Bernice’s lack of acknowledgement of her family

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