Summary Of The Tales Of V & B Nails

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The Tales of V&B Nails At 9:00 sharp the owner of V&B Nails is approaching the front door in of the nail salon. In his tinted white collared shirt, straight cut jeans, and brown flip-flops, he pulls his keys out of his pocket. There is about 10 different keys on the chain, all colored coated and labeled with a location for each key. The jingles back and forth as he finds the key to open the clear door. He walks in the salon and takes a confident breath of the mixed smell of, nail polish, liquid nail products, and acrylic powder. The owner’s face, Ron, is calm and mellow with no reaction of the pungent smell of the salon. After working in this type of service for nearly 20 year the smell slips his mind and is unrecognizable. Ron strolls down the hall checking the stations and the pedicure, to make sure it is clean and ready to work on. He observes each pedicure pool to see if there is a clear plastic liners covering the pool. Soon enough, two young employees is walking together towards the store, chatting and giggling. The older one, Jennifer, in a white long sleeve shirt with the words “GUESS” glittered in the center, opens the door, letting the younger girl, Cycy, in first. Cycy, who is Ron’s niece, walks quickly to Ron and says “thua duong Quoc (hello uncle Ron),” with half a bow at the same time. Jennifer still in front, moderately loud, simply says “hello!” Ron smile and greets them back. Cycy walks to the backroom, where the employees eat and takes their break and

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