Summary Of The Two Princes Of Calabar

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The Two Princes of Calabar allows readers to perceive the brutal perspectives of the African slaves during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Randy Sparks brings the remarkable account of the two princes to life, and vividly recreates their expeditions into a stronger outlook regarding their experiences and traumas. I believe Sparks desires readers to learn about the brutality of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the freedom associated with English Methodism. First and foremost, I believe Sparks urges his audience to understand the true extent of the brutality the African slaves endured. The overcrowding of slaves on the ships was phenomenal. Slaves were exposed, beaten, and murdered. Countless slaves did not survive the voyage. Due to inhumane conditions, slaves suffered conditions such as respiratory diseases, blindness, abdominal swelling, and numerous Vitamin D deficiency conditions. John Ashley Hall stated “I have frequently seen them with their toes rotted off, their legs swelled to the size of their thighs, and in an ulcerated state all over” (81). According to page 77, traders believed exercise was necessary to keep the captives healthy. Slaves were brought above decks to take meals. After each meal they were forced to jump up and down upon the beating of a drum. For if slaves were not to cooperate, the sailors forced them with whips made of nine knotted leather cords. The extent of the conditions and diseases were so severe, the sailors would also equip the horrible

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