Summary Of ' The Vancouver Ad '

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One day I was walking down a street filled with all kinds of different pictures and paintings. I saw an ad for artist of North Vancouver , you had to submit a drawing, sketch or painting and if you won you would be named artist of the town! I always had the vision of me being an artist one day and having my work be in the streets . Having hundreds of people walk by and talk about how amazing my work is. i loved art since i was little i never went to any classes or school for it, it had just been a hobby of mine but I decided to enrol in an art class to get started on my path to becoming an artist. The deadline for the submission was on October 10th.. thats in 3 days!!! i have to become the perfect artist in 3 days to win! When i get to class on my first day i see a room full of students with high hopes of getting some knowledge and experience to become an artist. I don 't just want knowledge and expereince though i want to be an inspiring artist people talk about for a long time! i sit down put my sketch book and colors down and wait for the teacher to give me the steps to being the perfect artist. “ Hi students welcome to ART 101, my name is Scarlet I 'll be your art teacher for the term i will teach you everything you need to know to the basics of art! I Cant wait to work with you all and enjoy this term!” BASICS? no way i need to get her to teach me how to be a perfect artist in 3

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