Summary Of ' Wicked And Lawless Men ' By Anne Marshall

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In 1865 the Freedmen’s Bureau was created by Congress to help former black slaves and poor Southern whites after the Civil War. In chapter three, Wicked and Lawless Men, in Anne Marshall’s book, she stated that the Freedmen’s Bureau was to “provide a legal voice for the freedmen by negotiating labor contracts between African Americans and their employers and attempting to quell racial violence… (Marshall 61).” The bureau was to also help provide education, housing, as well as food distribution and land redistribution - 40 acres and a mule. But, since the beginning the Freedmen’s Bureau “faced stiff resistance from conservative whites (61).” The conservative whites made sure that their attitudes towards Reconstruction were clearly presented to the public not only by their cartoons in the newspapers, but also by terrorizing the bureau’s supporters. This cartoon from Harper’s Weekly depicts what most white men believed: the Freedmen’s Bureau allowed African Americans to be idle while the white man worked hard for his money to support his family and also to “supporting” the African American. Thus angering the white man and causing violence throughout towns, especially in the South and because of this idea of giving money to African Americans, the white man hated the Freedmen’s Bureau.) Conservative white men expressed their dissatisfaction of the Freedmen’s Bureau in many ways. One way white men indicated their anger was by being passive aggressive though newspapers and…

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