Summary On The Online Video Shopping Market

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Week 2 Assignment 2
Shelby D. Williams

Mid America Christian University

MGMT 3213

Professor Annette Gunter

04 Feb 2017 Decisions in the Online Video Shopping Market
Case Summary
Cassidy is the co-founder of Joyus, an online video shopping market. She had previously worked for other online video shopping markets, prior to her founding Joyus. The company 's that she worked for helped pave the way for her career. The success of Cassidy 's company was due to the fact that her company website would provide video examples of each product marketing them, and showing the item in use. The company had great relationships with well known brand names, and this was due to the video marketing. Cassidy 's reason for success, is now her downfall as …show more content…

If not, what are the differences between the actual versus the desired?" While assessing the current situation, we will begin to identify the problem fully before making any assumptions. We will need all parties to participate, and make it feel like a mutual learning experience. If participants feel as if they will be punished for making mistakes, this will decrease the success of this process, so we will need to make sure all individuals involved do not fear this. We want everyone to feel as if they are a key player and important.
Problem Definition
Analyzing the problem is an important step, and we must ensure that it is defined accurately. We will do this by creating a cause and effect chart for the issue at hand. We will evaluate each problem that is discussed, and document all of the issues that problem causes. We will turn this into a chart, and evaluate which of them cause an effect of poor company performance. We, as a group, must next agree on which problems should be solved. We will evaluate this by creating a Parcto chart. This chart identifies which problems should be solved first, and will allow us to see which problems will help us get to the objective faster, if solved.
Decision Making
We have to establish decision making criteria. This is written objectives of what needs to happen for the problem to be solved. Developing action alternatives is where we will generate as many solutions as possible to meet criteria, and make sure people

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