Essay on Acquiring Management Skills

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How are management skills acquired?

Management skills can be sub-divided into numerous skills, the combination of which would lead to efficient management of an organization and faithful development of true management and leadership skills. The chart below provides an overview of these various skills:

source: Developing Management Skills 8th ed. - D. Whetten, K. Cameron (pearson publications). A brief summary of these various skills are mentioned below:

“He that would govern others must first master himself”. Personal skills form one of the bases of great management skills. It can be subdivided into the following categories: A. Developing Self-awareness: This lies at the heart of the ability to …show more content…

* Exhaustion stage: If these defense mechanisms reduce a person’s feeling of stress, negative effects such as high blood pressure, anxiety, or mental disorders are never experienced. The primary evidence that prolonged stress has occurred may simply be an increase in psychological defensiveness. However, when stress is so pronounced as to overwhelm defenses or so enduring as to outlast available energy for defensiveness, exhaustion may result, producing pathological consequences.

HOW TO COUNTER THIS STRESS: Effective and efficient time management, collaboration of work ethics, social and emotional intelligence, prioritizing, goal setting, physiological resiliency (eat right to think right) and so on. C. Problem Solving:
This consists of the following step-by-step methods: * Define the problem: differentiate facts from opinions, specify underlying causes, tap everyone involved for information, state the problem explicitly, identify what standard is violated, determine whose problem it is, avoid stating the problem as a disguised solution. * Generate alternative solutions: specify alternatives consistent with goals/objectives, specify on short term or long term alternatives, build on other ideas. * Evaluate and select an alternative: evaluate selectively from the most effective to the least effective, evaluate effects

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