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Pre-Experience Journal My selected area of interest is anything related to biomedical engineering or biochemistry. I am especially interested in biomedical engineering because biomedical engineers create all the machinery and tools that doctors use to save lives, and I want to be a biomedical engineer to be able to help save lives. I first developed this interest early on, sometime at the beginning of my sixth grade year. I found out about biomedical engineering from when I was in my middle school’s First Lego League club, and in this club we had to do research based on a theme from the year’s challenge. The theme we had to do our research on for my first year in the club was research that we could use to create an idea for some innovative …show more content…

As I then went into high school my desire to be a biomedical engineer was pretty much set in stone. At GSMST my courses just confirmed my decision to study biomedical engineering in college and it even guided my decision of what colleges I wanted to apply to. The first course that affirmed my desire to study biomedical engineering was when I took AP Biology. I really enjoyed my middle school life science class, and when I got into AP Biology I feel even more in love with biological studies because I have always had a fascination with the human body and how it worked. I also enjoyed my freshman chemistry class which is why I decided to try this year to get a biomedical engineering or biochemical internship because I really enjoyed biology and chemistry. I had done a summer internship for my JFE with Georgia Tech Research Institute, and at this internship I got to participate in rapid-prototyping which was a hectic process and put much stress on me for that summer. However, I did enjoy parts of it, but I knew that for my next internship I wanted something that was more research based. Thus, I did a summer internship with Emory in the chemistry department with the biomaterials lab, and this is where I plan to continue working for my SCE unless I can find …show more content…

To be inquiring means that you question how things work and why and that you are a person who loves to seek for more knowledge. This is a great description of me because I am always looking for more opportunities to expand my knowledge. I also find myself always trying to figure out how things operate, especially when it comes to the human body and biologic systems. Since I am looking to intern in a research institute for my SCE, being an inquirer will be of great assistance to myself and my mentor because research is all about inquiring and seeking new knowledge and answers. Being inquiring can also lead me to find ways to solve problems at my internships and it allows me to find new angles to try and solve any challenges I may find at my internship. While not as obvious, being principled is a very important trait for research. In research being principled allows for you to be critical of new research and of your own research. Being principled in the lab also allows for you to question data that may seem to contradict your previous views, and find whether the data in question is correct or if you made a mistake in your

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