Summary : ' The Crucible '

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Aarin Rutkin
Bonnie Ronson
Enc 1102
12- March- 2017

Corrupt Salem The desire to be seen as perfect is seen among every human. It has been taken up by the puritan community as the way of life. Puritan belief has made it tremendously hard to not throw shame and regret on people. It causes children to act up due to them being able to get recognized. Everyone would constantly be blamed for things that weren 't bad to the community but due to human nature, they were blamed for benefiting them. Which in itself is not the act of a true puritanism. Women ( specifically young girls) all had a huge impact on Salem that caused lies and new beliefs. 3 women were the main cause of all the sales madness and mayhem these women were Abigail …show more content…

The puritan officials control their people and teach them with respect, no signs of laziness, no theater, erotic poetry, or gambling. This all caused the girls dancing look terrible and in order to save themselves and still get what they want Abigail and the girls found to use manipulation of their young innocence.

While Abigail Williams had a huge influence on the hysteria in Salem, Tituba was the start. She gathered all of the girls and had them dance while she would sing. Whether it is known she was trying to conjure, attempting to conjure spirits or just to play in the woods is unknown. Miller states "I saw Tituba waving her arms over the fire when I came on you…And I heard a screeching and gibberish comin‘ from her mouth… She always sings her Barbados songs and we dance"(p 2). This shows that there is a chance the girls may not truly know why they were doing what they were doing. If Tituba did not start this gathering in the first place than the entire town would not have had hysteria spread through it so vigorously. Tituba ended up getting to live even though it was never said if she truly was a witch it was never classified.

Mary Warren had a very interesting role in the crucible she started off by being accused of doing witchcraft to being an accuser to telling on the other accusers for being false and going to court. Mary was John Proctors maid after Abigail got fired. When Marry realized the Johns wife 's

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