Summary : ' The Night '

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Ariel gave him a small dark box. The device was designed to carry his voice waves. She said it was for communication. He was only half paying attention, as she taught him to press the image of her face, thus summoning her to him.
Before turning him loose, he strange little human female gave him an exhaustive list of rules for their world. Finally, he could enjoy some freedom. He pulled on a stretchy hat, to obscure the points on his ears, and headed out the door. Now if he could just avoid drawing attention to himself, killing anyone, maiming anyone, getting beaten up, demanding obedience from others, or breaking any of the dozens of other rules Ariel had outlined for him, he should be fine.
Shortly after arriving on the main street of the college town, Maliki scented something both familiar and beautiful. His Erin was close by, he just knew it. He immediately began to stalk the crowd for her. He spied her, walking with another female. It was the one who visited his world…the blond. What was her name? Gods, he never had a problem remembering female’s names until he met Erin.
Maliki huffed out an exasperated breath. His chest was tight, and he had the most overpowering urge to go to her. However, he remembered, he was a goblin on a mission. He had to figure out who was bothering her, and determine if she was in danger. He decided to hang back and observe her.
She entered a shop for dispensing beverages. The humans were obsessed with a beverage called

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