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San Miguel de Allende is a historical city located in the state of Guanajuato, central Mexico. The city was founded and named in 1542 by a Franciscan monk named San Miguel El Grande, but after Mexico gained independence from Spain the city was renamed in 1826 to honor Ignacio Allende - a prominent hero in the revolution – and in 2008 the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Encyclopædia Britannica, “San Miguel de Allende”). I plan to visit San Miguel de Allende with my boyfriend, Alex, from September 12th 2017 to September 18th 2017. Currently there are no U.S. travel advisories in place for this region of Mexico. I’m choosing to travel with my boyfriend mostly for fun, as I think it would be a waste to experience all of this culture alone. There are tons of art museums, historical sites, and even festivals that I would like to see and I just don’t think I would enjoy many of these activities alone. I chose these dates specifically because Mexican Independence Day falls on September 16th and I think it will be really fascinating to be in a city of extreme historical importance to this celebration while it’s happening. San Miguel de Allende has a fairly mild climate with typical seasonal periods though some have referred to it as “eternal spring” (Levine). The hottest parts of the year usually happen between May and June, where temperatures can reach up to 100˚F, while winter lasts from December to February
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