Summary of The Notebook Essay

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Ever wonder what it would be like if the person you love unconditionally lost all of their memories? The film “The Notebook” originally written by author Nicholas Sparks, starts with characters Noah and Allie married to each other after many years together. Allie is in the hospital suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Noah reads to her daily from his notebook. The notebook is a diary of their life together. As Noah reads to Allie their life flashes back to when they first met, as teenagers, where Allie spent her summers and follows them as couple through the ups and downs of their world win of a relationship. Allie was from a wealthy family. Noah was a poor Miner boy. It did not take long for the two of them to become inseparable …show more content…

When Allie reads this in the newspaper, all her feelings for Noah returned. Confused, Allie decided to go back home. Allie wanted and needed to see this house. While in the town, Noah sees Allie from a store window. Noah is in shock, wants her back. Allie shows up to the house he renovated and can’t believe her eyes. After all these years and separation, Noah made the house exactly has he had promised her. It is evident she feels the same way, but she now has a fiancé. Allie decides to spend the days with Noah and this time became as it was when they were teenagers. Noah wants forever, Allie is confused because she is to be married soon. Noah asks her to stay with him but she can’t. Noah tells Allie that he stills loves her, he never stopped. Noah asks "What do you want?" Allie repeatedly cries, “I don’t know”, but he does not take this as an answer. Noah does not want to lose her for a second time. Allie screams she has to go and tells him this is not right, she is about to be married. Allie leaves Noah and heads back to the hotel. Now Allie is confused and has to decide which love she wants. Noah stops reading the notebook and Allies memories fade after a few minutes again. Allie doesn’t know who the man that is sitting next to her and starts screaming for help. A nurse runs in the room to help her and asks Noah to please leave and to stop reading to her, this will not help.

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