Summary : ' The Thin Pancakes '

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I always looked forward to Sunday mornings when Oma did not have to go to work, Ellen and I crawled out of bed and meandered into the kitchen in our pajamas, to find Oma making her delicious Flensjes, also known as, Hollandse Pannekoeken (Dutch Pancakes). Similar to French Crêpes, the thin pancakes, made from a rich egg batter, cooking in a skillet, will forever remind me of my Oma. She made a stack of them, but served them one at a time, open face on a plate so that we could fill them and roll them up before devouring them like hungry wolves! Mom’s favorite was generously filled with granulated sugar and a dash of cinnamon, Ellen liked dusting hers with chocolate sprinkles, my favorite was filled with powdered sugar and a juicy squeeze …show more content…

Oma severely threatened to leave us and move in with Prul, that idle ultimatum stopped the discussion cold and not another word was spoken. Our peaceful Sunday morning was suddenly interrupted by great dispute and altercation. It saddened Ellen and I that Oma and Mom were mad at each other. What a difference a day makes, the following morning, before Oma left for work, she approached Evie to pledge her devotion and support to her daughter’s dream to immigrate to America. Evie was emotionally moved and thrilled to have her mother’s encouragement, moreover, since she had not shared her epic news with anyone else in the family, Evie invited Oma to break the news to granduncle Leo and Berry together, before informing Ted and his parents. Soon as Oma left for work, Evie sat down to compose an important letter to her brother and then she picked up the phone to call Fiq.

Stunned, nevertheless, not completely surprised, Fig thoroughly understood that Evie felt bridled living in Holland and he wholeheartedly agreed that America offered better opportunities for our future. Although Fiq was encouraging, offering to help Evie champion her goal of immigration, the news was bittersweet for him, unbeknownst to both of them, their relationship had gradually transcended to a sweeter, personal level.

Mom was enthusiastic as she telephoned Uncle Leo to make it known that we were coming to pay him a visit in a few days, we had an announcement to

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