Summary and Reflection of Both Sides Of Time by Caroline B. Cooney

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For the Third Quarter SSR Project I chose the book Both Sides Of Time by Caroline B. Cooney. I settled on this fiction book not only because I’ve read all three books in Cooney’s series Time Travelers Quartet, but it just so happens to be my favorite out of all of them. This book is gripping to me because of the events happening in the book. A hopeless romantic going back in time, involved in two love triangles in two different centuries, then forced to leave one that she loves either way. I relish reading any kind of love stories, but I especially enjoyed this one because of the twisted storylines. This book starts off simple in the beginning then surely escalates. Annie Lockwood, the main character is a typical teenage girl who just …show more content…

Devonny Stratton, Strat's younger sister called the police because she felt bad for Matthew's family and wanted to know who killed the kind servant and why. Annie and Strat still kept going on cute, cheesy dates, but never kissed. The next week, in the library, Mr. Rowwels proposed marriage to Harriet and she accepted. She thought that now that Ms. Lockwood had Strat's eyes only for on her, she wouldn’t have chance on marrying who she loved, which was Hiram Stratton, and thought that marriage to someone she didn't love would be better than absolutely no marriage at all. Mr. Rowwels turned out to be Mathew's murderer and Annie ended up going back to her own time, in 1995. There, she tells her mother that her father is cheating on her. Then poor Annie realizes, in the 19th century, Strat is doing the same thing to Harriet and feels guilty, because it's her fault. So to not interfere with history, she goes back to the 18th century, kisses Strat then breaks up with him, and goes back to her own time very heart broken about it.
If I needed to change any part of the story to make it more Hollywood style, it would be to make some parts of the story a little more intense and dramatic. For example, I think that Harriet’s jealousy of Annie should be emphasized more in the film. In the film, Harriet should try to do schism things to Annie and Strat’s relationship or cry to Strat’s family to convince them to hate

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