Summary and Review of Uglies by Scott Westerfield

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Uglies takes place In the future, where it is summer. The sun is fading; the deep blue gaps of night are peering through like an ocean, bottomless and cold. Every summer was beautiful and enjoying, up to this one. No wonder it couldn’t be beautiful, when you lose a best friend, nothing is. Tally Youngblood was still an ugly. Three months and two days until she finally turns sixteen years old, goes off for the surgery, and becomes a pretty like her friend Peris. Since Tally isn’t a very patient girl, she decides to sneak out and go to the New Pretty Town and see Peris just for a little while. Tally is a girl that loves pulling tricks and pranks. Even at the very beginning of the book, Tally is braking in to the New Pretty Town, and as we get to know, it isn’t her first time. She used to do it with Peris as well. When Shay and she aren’t arguing over the pretty surgery, they are breaking the law, pulling some tricks on younger children, and goofing around. Tally loves causing trouble, even though sometimes, the intensions aren’t like that. Also, Tally is a very brave sixteen -year old. Even though she has caused much trouble, especially to smokies, Tally is willing to clean up the mess and try to fix everything. At the beginning of the book, Tally’s goal is to turn sixteen and become a pretty. Many obstacles come in her way and towards the middle of the book; Tally realizes how she loves and has a good life being ugly. Now that she wants to be an Ugly, she can’t. The

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