1847 AMA Code Of Ethics

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Summary of the 1847 AMA Code of Ethics
Biomedical Ethics Sec. 02
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The code of medical ethics was written with the intention of standardizing the expectation for ethical behavior throughout every professional medical setting within the United States. This collection of ethical principles was intended for physician and patient alike, so that there would be a thorough understanding of the expectations of both parties within the medical setting. Rules concerning the subject matter should be shaped according to the recommendation of experienced physicians, past and present, including Hippocrates. Importance is placed on medical case history which has, and will continue to, shape the ethical code, …show more content…

These acts would not promote a medical environment where all physicians worked together for the good of the public. Proper inter-physician behavior is necessary to serve using proper methods and cures. No rivalries are to be present between practicing physicians. In fact, a physician should be ready and willing to serve another physician if called to, especially if it concerns that physician’s family, as an unbiased opinion is preferred. Even if the patient is not a relative, a requested physician or medical professional should always be allowed to sit in on a consultation. When a meeting is scheduled, punctuality is important. If in those meetings differences occur, they are to be deliberated privately, and theoretical situations are not to be discussed. All decisions must be made before delivering information to the patient. At that time, all responsibility is shared equally among deciding physicians, and differences in opinion should remain confidential. If at any time an agreement cannot be made, an additional professional should be consulted, majority rules. The assisting physician is to never say or do anything in front of the attending physician’s patient that would cause that patient to lose faith in their practitioner. There may be times where a physician is not present to properly serve his community. In that situation, substitutes are to be put in place to care for the patients of

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