Summary of Triumph of the Nerds

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In the early 1980’s computers were unknown. The only real computers were called mainframe computers and they took up an entire room in size. They used a special code called binary that only worked with 1’s and O’s. All of the data had to be inputted by stretches of tape or by flipping switches. It took people to develop a computer language for the computer to take off. The first language was called Cobal and it was followed by Fortran and Basic. Because of the large size of computers, having one would require having space big enough to house a room size machine. It took a company named Intel and its founder Gordon Moore, to develop a microprocessor, which shrunk down the size of the processor by placing millions of transistors on a single …show more content…

The 1978 show drew thousands of people and Apple “stole the show”. Within 2 years of the show, sales at Apple were enormous; they were making more money than they could spend. After the release of Apple 2 many more people started to use P.C’s. But there was a problem; the P’C’s still had no real purpose or application to make everyone want to have one. It took the genius of Dan Brinklin, a professor at Harvard, to come up with the help of programmer Bob Franston, to come up with a spreadsheet program called Visicalc (visible calculator). Viscalc hit the market in 1979 selling for 100 dollars. It could do in seconds what it took an entire day for one person to do on a computer. The spreadsheet answered the “what if” questions. Thanks to Viscalc the Apple 2 made history. Unfortunately the creators of Viscalc did not patent their spreadsheet idea, thus they did not make the money that men like Jobs, Wozniak and Gates made. Although Ed Roberts invented the computer, Jobs and Wozniak are the ones who became multi-millionaires. The P.C. market became a billion dollar industry which 50% of the market belongs to Apple. The nerds had inherited the earth.
While watching television recently I noticed that a movie will be coming out in the next few days about Steve Jobs. I have heard bits and pieces about his life and what type of person he was, plus I knew Apple was started in a garage. This video was very interesting; it

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