Summary :'sitting Bull '

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Tatanka Iyotanku more commonly known as Sitting Bull was born around 1831 in what is now known as South Dakota. He lived a life that many people would despise and attempt to get away from. Sitting Bull is one of the most recognizable and important Native American’s in history and he was known for his bravery and standing up for what he believed in. He led his people in multiple battles and did all he could to give them the rights they deserved. Sitting Bull’s parents were Tatanka Iyotanku, Sitting Bull, who was a Hunkpapa Lakota chief, and Her Holy Door. Sitting Bull had at least four wives over the years. His first two wives died early in his life. He had many children but he favored two of them. His favorite son was named Crow Foot and his daughter was named Standing Holy. Sitting Bull looked up to his father, Tatanka Iyotanku, and wanted to become a warrior. Unfortunately for Sitting Bull he showed very little talent when it came to warfare, he was called “Slow” due to his lack of skills. Even though he was portrayed as being slow he was still extremely brave and courageous. Sitting Bull was still reamed as being slow until he killed his first buffalo at the age of ten on a hunt with his father. Sitting Bull was previously known as Jumping Badger until the age of fourteen when he first went to battle. It is said that Jumping Badger used his coup stick to strike his first Crow warrior, his father became so happy that he gave him his name Sitting Bull. Natives during
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