Summer Jobs: Article Analysis

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When I first started reading about the summer jobs question on NYTimes, I was confident that summer jobs should be available for teens if they want one. I said “having a summer job teaches teens about the real world and prepares them for it. It also lets them rely less on their parents to buy them things.” After reading the two articles, my ideas weren’t changed but instead strengthened. The author from “Expanding Economic Opportunity for Youth through Summer Jobs” strengthened my opinion that we need more summer jobs available by analyzing the percentages of people in different subjects, for example the employment to population ratio decreasing. The author from “Universal Summer Jobs For New York City Youth” sort of strengthened my opinion. The article explained how the SYEP program wasn’t doing it's job to help students prepare for the real world. Then the article proposed a new program to really help students prepare them for their skill oriented jobs.…show more content…
The company knows that programs are out there to help teens find jobs, but they lack the money to afford the jobs. The article that they wrote was basically stating why teens need summer jobs and they reflected on the progress of summer job programs. Their research has found that teens who work are more likely to be employed the next year. Their studies have also shown that most applicants are older teens and more are black. In the reflection reports, they found that summer job programs have actually been improving; more were employed in 2015 than in 2014. Overall, the summer job programs are doing their job to make programs better and prepare teens for the real
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