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The Summer Night Lights program is a public program the was developed in the City of Los Angeles to help reduce gang violence. This program objective was to get the adolescent involved during the summers, rather than them having spare time which would enable them to get in a bad position. "Summer Night Lights (SNL) grows the menu of exercises at each site past what is generally offered, bringing games, expressions and recreational exercises, asset fairs, wellbeing screenings, workshops, occupations, and associations with assets that inhabitants can use year-round" according to the GYRD foundation website. Being from California I have actually attended this program. Working with this program gave me the experienced that I needed to help …show more content…

An individual need to encounter it some place for them to have that attitude of a criminal. This can be gained from peers, parents, teachers neighbors, etc. According to the Social learning theory which is, "learning behavior that is controlled by environmental influences rather than by innate or internal forces" (Britannica Criminology 2017) has been connected to this program and is the motivation behind why pack savagery diminished. In this program, there are similarly invested individuals who endeavor to better their groups, encourage the instruction and unite individuals through positive neighborhood group events. The social learning hypothesis additionally suggests that youngsters who learn positive conduct will keep on becoming positive grown-ups. Indeed, even individuals who have had pessimistic inclinations can change their negative behavior patterns when they are encompassed around individuals with propensities that help better them. Aristotle once said, "Good habits formed at youth make all the difference". He believed that when you are growing up that is the most imperative time in someone's life due to the fact that the brain is learning new information rapidly. Children are also able to distinguish the difference in social class as well.
The social structure theory is defined as a crime committed based on your status in society. The Summer Night Lights program is made up of volunteers that

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