Sun Chips Advertisements

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For my first advertisement I choose a Sun Chips ad that I found in Real Simple Magazine. This ad is recent, put out sometime last month. This ad is excessively colorful and has a huge picture of a single sun chip with fresh vegetables next to it. This is because this is an ad specifically for the Garden Salsa Sun Chips. Below that, in big letters are “Shake Up the Snackus Quo” then below that it says “Sure we made that word up. But here are a few words we didn’t, 100% whole grain, whole lot of delicious. I initially was drawn to this ad because of the bright colors. It stuck out in comparison to the rather neutral colors in the rest of the magazine. However, after a few seconds I was uninterested in the ad because it lacked entertainment and did not hold my interest and more importantly it did not make me want to go and buy Sun Chips.…show more content…
At the top of this ad it says ”your invitation to try better snacks by mail” and right below that it in huge animated letters it shows “free box”. Following this is large picture in the center of the page of a box with 4 different kinds of snacks. In this box they promise to provide both exciting and nutritious snacks via a weekly subscription. For Fowles’ appeals I think this uses the need to satisfy curiosity appeal. It states that they are great snacks that are promised to be both exciting and nutritious. They stand by this to such an extent that they are willing to send you a free box. Personally, when reading this ad I almost went to the website because free snacks by mail sparked my curiosity enough that wanted to know more about it even though I knew I would not ever pay for a subscription. As far as rhetorical appeal, I think they used logos because it used the word free in a way that almost gives reason enough to try it simply because it is free and there is nothing to
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