Suncoast Hr Consulting Firm Business Plan

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SunCoast HR Consulting Firm Business Plan Nikki Wouralis Florida Institute of Technology Executive Summary SunCoast HR Consulting Firm (SunCoast HR) is a human resource consulting company located in Melbourne Florida. SunCoast HR has expertise in a wide range of Human Resources areas and is targeting the emerging company market. The Firm will offer this market the ability to create benefits and compensation packages for client 's employees with many options from their company. This will be especially important to many start-up companies that find retaining employees to be a challenging task. Mark McDonald, the founder will be utilizing his past and current personal and more importantly professional relationships to create the proper compensation plans for interested companies. He will be the only employee for the first four months, and then he will be hiring a Human Resources Specialist or Manager, and Administrative Assistant to assist with the tasks involved with consulting. Companies using SunCoast HR’s services will experience better compensation packages and an increase in employee retention over the next four years. The organizational values (code of ethics) and mission statement for SunCoast HR are as follows: Code of Ethics While following the code of ethics, SunCoast HR has adopted its code of ethics to guide the founder, HR Manager, and Admin Staff in their behavior when acting on behalf of the company. This code of ethics contains ideas and

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