Super Pacs Pros And Cons

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There are been so many examples of humanity's greed changing the course of history. The lust for control has forged vast empires. The potential for profit has been the cause for the enslavement of many peoples. And even in the United States, which prides itself on being a land where the people's opinions matter has succumbed to such greed. There many examples, one of the most troubling is the presence of super PACs, which have gained near-ownership of the most influential government officials. They must be stopped, if the idea of a government who listens to its people is to be persevered. Super PACs are "Political Action Committees", which are not directly affiliated with any one politician. They are however, able to raise and spend vast sums of money to influence the political realm, be it through the bribery of a congressman who will push their ideas, or funding campaigns to get officials who they favor into power. These actions allow major corporations to be the puppet masters of the government, making those who favor them successful, whilst snuffing out those who don't. Because the only successful representatives are the ones the companies allow, the average person's concerns are rarely ever voiced. This completely destroys the idea of people having any say whatsoever.…show more content…
As such, all politicians are on a more equal playing field, which means the people's choice is more often the one that eventually wins. Politics then would be less likely to give immunity to the companies who once paid the politicians, thus allowing for more logical discussion with issues involving fields once considered untouchable. This, in turn, would mean that the path forward would be more in the best interest of the country, not for the warped quest of greed. This is very much a perfect world scenario, unlikely to happen in a world still driven by greed regardless, but it is at least a much more balanced world than ours
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